Strategic Relationships

Boolah has developed strategic relationships with end-users by working in partnership with its customers to respond to their supply needs, providing timely, high quality and fully-traceable product.


Fully-traceable product

  • Customers are increasingly seeking sustainable sourcing and transparency across their supply chain. They are increasingly scrutinising the origins of the products they purchase and want to know who and what was involved in their production;
  • Boolah’s supply chain is unique in the sector, in that it enables customers to have a clear line of sight from the farm to their door.


Increasingly complex barley variety situation

  • The growth of the craft beer market is changing the nature of the brewing industry, particularly for maltsters who are faced with a growing range of barley varieties, making barley variety development and introduction very complicated;
  • Boolah works across all brewing sectors, including craft beer brewers, large domestic brewers and the export market, working in partnership with customers to respond to their specific needs to provide customised quality and variety outputs for the brand they produce.

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