Boolah Farms’ operational capability has been built to provide a vertically integrated farming enterprise . Our people, equipment and expertise allows for the inhouse provision of all on farm activities such as planting, spraying and harvesting. In addition we have service divisions in storage and handling, container packing, transport and earth moving providing professional services to not only Boolah Farms’ landholders but also to the wider farming community.

Our Strategy

Our connection to the Australian farming sector and related value chains is extensive and allows for a deep understanding of our combined history as well as the issues facing our future. The Boolah strategy is simple:  to ensure our enterprise is sustainable, reduce the risk and provide stable returns for investors through diversified land and crop management practices.


Revenue Breakdown

Our Story

​Boolah Farm’s history runs deep across the black soils and grazing pastures of northern New South Wales. Lyndal and Stuart Tighe began a small agricultural business over 20 years ago and have successfully built a business that incorporates the best aspects of corporate governance while maintaining the focus and passion of a family business.  We pride ourselves in personally knowing and caring about the people we employ and the customers we service.