Boolah Farm’s history runs deep across the black soils and grazing pastures of northern New South Wales. Lyndall and Stuart Tighe began a small agricultural business over 20 years ago and have successfully built a business that incorporates the best aspects of corporate governance while maintaining the focus and passion of a family business. We pride ourselves in personally knowing and caring about the people we employ and the customers we service.​

How We’re Different


The Australian agriculture sector is constantly changing.  We have developed systems that allow for agility and nimbleness to cater for the environment we operate in while maintaining integrity of farming practices and producing quality food and fibre.

At Boolah we provide expertise in broadacre cropping that has been demonstrated  to provide consistent high return on investment. Our singular focus is to grow the best quality Australian food and fibre  while maintaining direct relationships with end markets.

Case Study

Expert Agents

Extensive experience delivering best practice farming services across a variety of geographic areas and crops.  Through the application of a Pillar Crop and customer driven marketing principles and programs we reduce risk and provide a branded route to market and premium sales channel.

An embedded operational model that maximises the efficient use of plant, machinery and other resources aimed at ensuring sustainable farming practices and maximising capital growth.

Expert Agents